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One Minute With Daniel Manzie!

Image of Daniel
Above: Daniel Manize


Daniel Manzie - Senior Men's Coordinator

Who am I?

I am a competitive individual that always seeks to perform at a high standard and contribute efficiently to the team I am leading or working in, both in hockey and professionally.

How many years have you been at Werribee Hockey Club?

WHC gave me a scholarship through my primary school tournaments and I joined in U11s, so I’ve been playing for 17 years now.

What is the best part of Werribee Hockey Club?

The best part of the Werribee hockey club is coming off the field on the weekend and getting your hands on a fresh snitty role.

Which position do you play on the field?

Played in every position (yes, even GK a couple of times) throughout my career, however, I mainly play forward

What is your most memorable moment playing hockey?

Winning the 2018 Premiership from 4th position on the ladder with a terrific group of lads. It’s something that can never be taken from me.

What is your favourite show to binge on tv at the moment?

I'm not much of a couch potato, but I have just binged Ted Lasso.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Any why.

Teleport, just like the movie 'jumper' Daniel super powers, that way I can move wherever the ball is!


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