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Life Members

The Club has a criteria for the Board to follow when recommending Life Membership.This is done in order to protect the integrity of the achievement. The Board may confer Life Membership on any member who has in a special degree promoted the objects and interests of the Club according to the guidelines. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, a person may only be nominated for Life Membership after a total of 10 years’ service to the Club.

Werribee Hockey Club Life Members

*denotes deceased

Alan Baillie*

Bob Verity

Shane Cronin

Jenny Coker

Neville Hopkins

Sue Hounslow

Sandy Hyslop

Gloria Logan

Cheryl Parslow

Allan Purcell*

Ian Robertson

Vicki Skinner

Brian Walker*

Alan Wastell

Paul Wastell

Alan Willet

Lyn Willet

Mark Purcell             [2007]

Maryanne Pernice    [2007]

Debbie Freisler        [2008]

Heinz Freisler           [2008]

Lyn Tout                    [2010]

Toby Wright              [2016]

Patricia Roache        [2016]

Ross Cowlishaw       [2016]

Jeffrey White            [2019]

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