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Thank you, volunteers!

Open letter from Lyn Tout, Chair of the Board at the Werribee Hockey Club. 17 May 2023

Dear Members

This week marks National Volunteer Week (NVW), and Werribee Hockey Club is fortunate enough to have people who give up their time–

and we say thank you.

The Club relies on the work of volunteers to perform even the simplest of tasks, and while they may think it goes unnoticed - it does not and is deeply appreciated. Without our volunteers, our sporting club (and Hockey) would simply not exist.

You make up one of five million Australians who weekly give up their time to volunteer in sports. Whether you help in the canteen, umpire, coach, clean the grounds after a game or are involved in the club's management, we rely on your dedication, passion and perseverance.

If you have not considered volunteering, we consider you give it a try - you won’t regret it!

So thank you again to all the volunteers across the Werribee Hockey Club.

Lyn Tout

Chair of the Board

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