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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

If you were a registered Hockey Victoria member in 2020 who did not pledge their membership fees, you would have received an email in relation to the Hockey Victoria Credit Process for 2021. Please do not register to your club below prior to going through and completing this credit process. The code and renewal of the credit is required to be completed prior to your club registration. If you cannot locate this email or not sure whether you are entitled to a credit email

How can I register?

The best way to join/renew your registration in 2021 is to register through the Werribee Hockey Club website.

Once registration has been completed at both HV and the WHC, you will be invoiced by the club. The due date for payment for seniors is 12th April and Juniors will be 26th April.

All fees need to be paid before taking the field in Round 1, unless other arrangements have been approved by the Director of Finance - Treasurer, Kelly Breen.

Fees for 2021 are:

2021 playing membership fees
Download DOC • 157KB

If anyone has any questions please contact your Coordinator or Director of Finance, Kelly Breen.


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