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December Newsletter

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

By Lyn Tout

Hi all,

It was great to see everybody back at the Club celebrating the achievements of our teams at the Presentation Events at the Club recently. Congratulations to all our trophy winners and to each and everyone of you for the work you did both on and off the field in what was another challenging year.

Our Annual General Meeting held in November saw the return of the current Board for the next season. This will give us great stability. It is also exciting that we have several new members on the Committee and have filled all the roles. This is something we have been endeavouring to do for several years and means that Board members will not have to wear so many hats. Thank you to those of you who have stepped up, your support is greatly appreciated. Please see all positions below. We thank those who have undertaken roles in the past. Lesley McLaughlin, Women’s Convenor, has handed over the reigns to Jess Law. Lesley has held this role for several years and has done a great job. She is not leaving the committee as she has taken on the Inclusion Role. Caro Dixon has also stepped down due to the sudden death of her husband. We thank her for the outstanding job she did as Sponsorship and Grants Coordinator.

Chair of the Board Lyn Tout

• Compliance Officer Sam Passauer

• Sponsorship Coordinator (TBC) Kelly has to speak to Richard

• Marketing Coordinator Peter Nalder

• Inclusion Ambassador Lesley McLaughlin

• Member Protection Information Officer Lynda Tivendale

Communication-Secretary Heinz Freisler

Finance - Treasurer Kelly Breen

• Fundraising Officer* Lee Whitmore

• Grant Coordinator Kat Rodrigeuz

Recruitment and Retention Holly Stewart

• Junior/Youth Coordinator Holly Stewart

• WDHL / Intra club Coordinator Matthew Tivendale

Operations Jayden Street

• Social Events Coordinator Adam Hopkins + committee

• Facilities/Maintenance Coordinator Jacob Friedl

• Social Media Comms Caitlin Spence (Caito)

• Umpires Coordinator Peter Roberts (Peta Swanton – assist)

• Technical Officials Coordinator Tracy Bridge

• Results Officer Debbie Freisler (Heinz assist)

• Uniform Coordinator Jayden Street (Maria Parker - shop)

• Men’s Coordinator Daniel Manzie

• Women’s Coordinator Jess Law

• Chair of Selectors Men Glenn Lloyd

• Chair of Selectors Women Debbie Freisler

Our sponsors:

Please ensure that you support them at every opportunity, they ensure we keep our fees to a minimum and also enable us to develop our Club across a number of areas.

Tigers’ Clubhouse – a great venue for a meal and a night out – celebrate being able to catch up with friends. They provide a range of opportunities with social nights, a playground for kids and great meals.

Earle and Jill Motors – a great place to get everything done with the car – full servicing, brakes, road worthies.

Werribee Mitsubishi – check out great deals on new and used cars.

Victorian Fireplaces – for everything in relation to outdoor cooking and heating and indoor heating. Well worth the visit.

I wish all families a very safe, healthy and happy 2022 and to those who celebrate Christmas a very merry Christmas filled with fun, family and friends.

Lyn Tout

Chair of the Board


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