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2021 HV CREDITED Members Update

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Members entitled to a credit have received their individual 2021 credit registration instruction email on Monday, 14 January 2021. Overall, this has gone smoothly with over 700 members redeeming their individual credit to date.

Credited members have a 2-part process to ensure they have completed their individual registration correctly, part 1 is currently being completed by redeeming the discount to the Hockey Victoria (HV) & Hockey Australia (HA) levy. Once part 1 is completed, the member will receive an email shortly after with information to complete part 2 of the registration.

Part 2 involves the member completing their club registration once the organisation goes LIVE from Monday, 18 January 2021. The member will select the club fee relevant to their individual age via the clubs revolutioniseSPORT registration portal, once selected, the Hockey Victoria (HV) & Hockey Australia (HA) Levy will waive to $0.00 once they get through to the final registration page.

Note: Members entitled to a credit will be required to redeem it via their instruction email prior to Monday, 01 April 2021 or the member will lose their right to redeem a credit in 2021.


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